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Whens the Clubbing Season in Malia?
The clubbing season is throughout the summer, mainly in July and August - June and September are quieter.

What time do people go out in Malia?
Generally, people don't go to any clubs until midnight or sometimes later. Most people hit the strip around 10-11pm and have a drink in one of the bars first, then head to a club

What are the prices like? Is Malia clubbing expensive?
In a word no. Malia's drinks prices are reasonable (although spirit quality is low) you can expect to pay 5 Euros for two drinks and some kind of freebie like a shared cocktail if youre in a group. Most of the clubs are free to get into as well so you might find that you visit many establishments in the same night.

How about staying/getting there? Is that expensive?
Flights to crete from the UK are quite expensive, and getting from the Airport to Malia needs a taxi ride (Which isn't too much). Staying in Malia depends on how much you are willing to compromise - we stayed in an apartment about a mile from the strip for GBP50pppw and there was a pool too. The closer you are to the strip the more expensive it will be and the less sleep youll be able to get! And the walk from our place to the strip passed bars and restaurants and was perfectly plesant

Hows the beach?
Let's be honest the beach in Malia isnt great. Its short, busy, rocky and dirty. If you want to swim stay somewhere with a pool.